Considering the implications of the legal rules in the process of structuring transactions and investments - new or in expansion - Doria, Jacobina e Gondinho Advogados Associados offers a multidisciplinary legal team able to analyze globally the economic interests of their clients, combining the areas of Commercial Law, Corporate, Tax, Labor and, more particularly, depending on the economic activity, Regulatory, Environmental, Energy, Infrastructure, among other areas of the Law Firm.

The extended vision, multifaceted with various areas of legal expertise provides legal certainty to the entrepreneur that the legal regulation that will be subject will be examined against all the characteristics of your business, preventing, for example, the recommendation of a business structure, when it may bring obstacles to the business regarding tax or labor matters.

The area team performs an important role in implement proper elements from different areas of law in order to provide to clients specific solutions to the development of projects for their industry, and also to indicate all costs and benefits involved in the activity considering the various areas of the legal field.

The extended vision, multifaceted with various areas of legal expertise, brings the entrepreneur sure that the legal regulation.

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