Brazil has a large potential for attracting investments for energy projects, in particular, the renewable ones, which is receiving the growing government incentives, providing major opportunity for investors. The generation of energy from alternative sources such as solar, wind, small hydro biomass, are in evidence in Brazil.

Both Energy Law and Environmental Law play a fundamental role in this process, starting with the choice of the area where the project will be developed, passing through its initial licensing and finally obtaining the needed authorization for the full operation. The goal must be acknowledge that each phase presents a unique challenge that requires adaptations to government policies according to the analysis of risks and the required results.

The team of Doria, Jacobina e Gondinho Advogados Associados has been outstanding in the multidisciplinary advisory of law to resolve legal issues exposed, with tax assessments on the financial planning industry as well as environmental litigation before the various environmental agencies regarding compliance with environmental obligations and licensing electric developments, also including corporate law issues related to the particular business.

Among the services provided include the assistance in structuring projects for qualification and participation in auctions for new energy and legal advice in respect of companies before the Brazilian National Electric Energy Agency (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica - ANEEL) and advising on institutional design of new rules for exploration of potential energy unexplored.

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